About LinzConquers…

LinzConquers…the rain, therefore no longer needs the use of this paper umbrella.

[author’s note:this is written by her husband]

….free spirit by definition

she’s the shave-half-my-head-one-day type paint-my-eyebrows-pink-the-next,

the dive in with head first – if it ain’t perfect scrap and redo-type, 

the one-day-i’m-researching-B.A.T style dog training – the-next-i’m-restoring-vintage-cast-iron-frying-pans-type

thoroughly unique and appreciated for it!

if that doesn’t paint an image for you, you are on your own then!


4 Comments on “About LinzConquers…

  1. Linz WILL conquer the world……she’s just that type of girl. We love you to bits.

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