Who is Diego?

Diego. The Regal, Non-Beagle. 

I’m Diego.  I met Linz at Orange County Animal Control in January of 2011, where she purchase me for a very small amount of monies, $20.11.  (She tells me it was the best $20 she ever spent).   Since then, many many things have  changed. I have discovered parks for dogs, pedicures, accompanying Linz to work, car rides and even a handful of airplane rides.  Linz teaches me with the clicker training, which she picked up from YouTubes (she is always watching the Youtubes), books and other crazy dog people.  I have compiled a list below in case you want to learn, too.  But yes, she and B are nice roommates.  They kiss me more than I’d prefer, but – ees a small price to pay for a place to live and organic dog foods.

About me…

  • Chihuahua Mix (a DNA swab test revealed Border Collie, Dalmatian, and Pekinese? Ooooookay.)
  • 11-14 lbs depending on how much training I am doing.
  • I answer to Diego, Dado, Boo-dis, Small Pants, Pup-Pup.
  • My interests are things like food, food, food, clicker training, tearing up paper or plastic, getting dried off, soft surfaces and warm laundry.
  • My dislikes have decreased over the years, but I am still not a fan of miniature adults (kids), knocking, bouncing balls, skateboards, and people that don’t let me meet them at my own pace.

Training References

  • Emily Larlham, website, ‘Kikopup’ on Youtube
  • Pamela Marxsen, website, ‘pamelamarxsen’ on Youtube.
  • Patricia McConnell, books, website and other materials
  • Karen Pryor, books, website and other materials.
  • Grisha Stewart, website, books, and other materials.

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